Hey all. Let’s do a quick November wrap-up! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. In addition, I had a fantastic break in Houston visiting family and my boyfriend. Now, it’s Monday again and back to reality. For those who have not heard, my life was packed up in two days and I moved to Austin for a new job opportunity. Everything happened so fast and the move was stressful. So glad it is over with.

Now, I have been living in Austin for almost two months now. I anxiously waiting for December’s break where I will be able to visit my family again. And for longer than a week. I’m also teaching my boyfriend’s family how to make macarons. 😀

So apologies that I have not posted in a while. Though I have been busy, I’ve still continued baking. You can always find my latest creatures on Instagram. Hope you like these.

Goodbye November

november unicorn macarons watermelon
Though unfinished, I think it’s cute! Here’s a baby unicorn holding a slice of watermelon.

pumpkin spice macarons bear
Flower crowns are all the rage on snapchat. Here’s a bear in pumpkin spice with flower sprinkles.

strawberry macarons
Simplicity at its finest. Check out these strawberry macarons with a dash of gold stripe on top.

green apple and peach macarons in november
Somedays I pipe regular macarons too. You’re looking at neutral colored macarons in green apple and peach flavors.

Cute squirrel holding a heart… could pass for Valentine macarons, yeah?

november macarons
Squirrel and acorn set

november macarons
Baked for a Thanksgiving work luncheon on November 15. Pink is for strawberry and yellow for banana.

It’s nearing the end of November tomorrow. Most of all, I am looking forward to December and Christmas macarons. Rather than the traditional Christmas-sy flavors such as gingerbread, peppermint, cranberry, etc. flavors – think of flavors like pistachio, rose and lemon. Spring or floral flavors? Haha. Nonetheless, these next macarons will be going to my boyfriend’s family event. Lemon is a huge hit!

Comment below on what your favorite flavors are.

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