Bourbon Pecan Macarons

Bourbon pecan macarons* – delicious and creamy. Sweet and rich. What’s not to love with a macaron full of buttery pecans!

These bourbon pecan macarons are absolutely divine! We baked these using the Italian meringue method which includes dissolving granulated sugar in water on the stove top. When it reaches a certain temperature and turns into a sugar syrup, pour it into your foamy and slightly whipped egg whites. Whip on full speed until the bowl is cool to the touch for about 10-15 minutes.

Brave Tart suggests sandwiching these macarons with vanilla Swiss buttercream, but we went with an alternate route. We like to reserve our egg whites for more macarons. 😉 Therefore, how does coconut rum ganache sound? Yes please!

Do check out BraveTart for more recipes and macaron myths busted.

*This is not a macaron we offer due to alcohol.