Classic Tiramisu Macarons

Classic tiramisu Italian dessert turned into French tiramisu macarons. Cocoa powder lightly sprinkled on top, espresso powder added in dry ingredients and paired with a mascarpone whipped cream filling. Delicious!

Need a pick me up, cheer me up, wake me up, or lift me up? Tiramisu is a classic and popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert. Its components includes ladyfingers dipped in strong coffee, layered with a mixture of whipped eggs, granulated sugar and mascarpone cheese. To top it off, it is sprinkled with unsweetened cocoa powder.

Now that’s your normal tiramisu dessert, but let me introduce you to the tiramisu macaron. While our tiramisu macarons does not include ladyfingers, it does have a delicious whipped mascarpone cream filling with an extra dosage of espresso. Um, yes please.

Recipe Notes on Tiramisu Macarons

● Macaron shells includes espresso powder in dry ingredients with no vanilla extract flavoring. However, you can add though it is not required.
● Added cream of tartar to foamy egg whites to help it whip more quickly. However, it’s still important to age your egg whites for the French meringue method.
● Espresso powder depends on your taste. We like strong coffee, so we added more espresso powder.

Whipped Mascarpone Cream

● 8 oz mascarpone cheese, room temperature
● 2/3 cup heavy whipping cream
● 1 1\2 cup powdered sugar
● 6 tsp espresso powder, dissolved in 3 Tbsp warm water

tiramisu macarons
tiramisu macarons