Lemon Tart Macarons

These lemon tart macarons filled with homemade lemon curd buttercream and centered with lemon curd in the middle. Super tart in taste, but a crowd pleaser for sure!

Have you had a lemon square or commonly known as lemon bars? These cake like desserts are very tart in flavor, but one of our favorite desserts. The bottom is a thin shortbread crust layer and the top is filled with lemon filling that is just the right amount of tart and sweetness. These lemon tart macarons are inspired from lemon bars, but the lemon curd includes a bit of lime juice and zest.

Recipe Notes on Lemon Tart Macarons

● Unfortunately we did not have enough fresh limes so we used two lime juice and zest and 100% concentrated lemon juice in the lemon curd filling.
● We made lemon curd buttercream and filled some macarons in the center with lemon curd for that extra tartness.
● Baked at 300F for 18 minutes.

lemon tart macarons
lemon tart macarons