Pineapple Unicorn Macarons

Introducing our creamy pineapple cream cheese with canned pineapple chunks sandwiched between unicorns, cupcakes and pandas. Hence a bite of tasty awesomeness in the pineapple macarons.

Since Mac Lab introduced unicorn macarons mixed with Fruity Pebbles, it has been a hit in our dessert world. Due to macarons being full of color, crunch and cuteness – some French macarons are decorated in fondant, royal icing, luster dust or sprinkles. Regardless of what your baking media is, there’s a lot of creativity going around. Unicorn macarons are extremely trendy at the moment. As a result, we had to do our take too. 😉

Included below is a break down of how our unicorn macarons are decorated.

Gold luster dust painted on the unicorn’s horn and ears. Eyes decorated with black edible markers and macaron batter used for the “flower crown” and wings. We love color! These unicorns include a pink edible heart glitter on its behind. Also dusted in gold are our cupcakes’ base. The cupcake batter decorated with sprinkles with emphasis on the macaron batter. The panda bear’s ears piped with blue macaron batter with pink and black edible food markers. And you guessed it, gold luster dust on the inner ears. 🙂

Unicorn template from Loving Creations 4u. This lady’s site above has beautiful macaron work with a reduced sugar recipe. It includes cornflour and rice flour in the recipe and the Italian meringue method used. We haven’t tried it, but interested in how the taste changes.

While we are continuing to experiment with other types of baking supplies, we love the non-toxic gold luster dust. You will probably see a lot more of that being used in our macaron creations. Please let us know on Instagram if there is something you’d like to see!

pineapple unicorn cupcake
pineapple unicorn cupcake