Pumpkin Almond Spice Macarons

Smooth, creamy pumpkin buttercream frosting paired with orange and blue macaron shells. This is a delicious and perfect pumpkin almond spice macaron to have in the fall season.

It’s finally October! Starbucks already introduced their pumpkin spiced latter so pumpkin season is definitely here. We are contemplating on what kind of pumpkin spiced desserts to make. 🙂

Last year, we baked pumpkin spice macarons with the classic vanilla macaron shells. This year, it’s vanilla macaron batters dyed with gel food coloring. Batters colored in orange and blue. We experimented with flavors and pumpkin almond spice with what seems like a tablespoon of ground ginger and vanilla chai latte powder was born. Puree pumpkin added into our buttercream makes this a win-win dessert.

We love the fall/autumn colors with the dark orange spiced buttercream in between. These macarons melt in your mouth the next day, but still delivers the crunchy exterior and soft chewy interior. Delish! During this month, we also made some raspberry espresso ganache macarons. Unfortunately, ingredients were not measured. However, it included a LOT of espresso powder and about 1 teaspoon of raspberry extract mixed in. The raspberry espresso macarons were an instant hit and a great substitute for morning coffee. Very strong in flavor.

If you have other ideas for pumpkin spiced macarons or desserts, please direct message me on Instagram! We’d love to hear from you.