Unicorn Sparkle Macarons

Cute unicorn macarons with six different batter colors that reminds me of Lisa Frank. Template and inspiration from: Loving Creations 4 U Floral flavors consist of rose, jasmine and lavender buttercream.

If Today She Loves haven’t said it yet, happy 2017! Yes, we know it’s already February, but we’re still celebrating in Chinese New Year time. As you know, unicorn macarons are a huge hit all over the internet. There’s stacked unicorn carousels and faces decorated in flower crowns and gold edible dust. We wanted to try something different. Something crazy! So we made six batter colors and three buttercream. It took about 4 hours with our good friend Ashley. We both agreed it was time consuming, but well worth our time.

We decorated it with sprinkles, food coloring markers and edible spray mist. How do y’all think we did? 🙂