Unicorn macarons filled with sweet pineapple buttercream frosting. Super cute, dusted in gold and soft pastel colors of the rainbow. What more can you ask for?

I want to say “back then when unicorns were a phase”, but who am I kidding? Since unicorns are still cool, my friend and I made some unicorn French macarons with pineapple buttercream. My friend and I piped each unicorn individually and then practically sat in front of the oven. We each giggled in frustration at how tricky these were especially the wings! Then eventually let loose and piped the wings and tail at whatever color we wanted.

Here’s our unicorn macarons collage. I love that each one is different and also love-hate that it looks like unicorn animal crackers. The template is from LovingCreations4u. The blogger is a macaron genius and I love her moving ferris wheel and carousel items.

unicorn macarons

unicorn macarons

Unicorn pig or magical pink unicorn? Hmm, I’ll let you decide.
unicorn macarons

Unicorn Macarons Notes

  1. I used Pharoah’s Gold luster dust for the horn. Mix it with some clear vodka or lemon juice until it forms a paste. Paint a layer with a food safe paintbrush. If it needs another layer, wait until it dries so that it becomes clearer.
  2. If you’re comfortable with it, you can mix the other colors in the same batch. Otherwise, make each color separately. I’m using Americolor gel food coloring. Please keep in mind that your colors will always come out a bit lighter when it’s baked.
  3. Used pink heart sprinkles for the unicorn butts, hehe.
  4. Go crazy. Have fun piping. And remember that even if it doesn’t turn out nice, it’s still edible! Bring it to work or share it with friends.

Please comment below if you have a simple character suggestion for French macarons to pipe.

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